Vintage Fashion (Nederland) - Fashion Editorial and cover by Yvonne Sophie Thöne shot at Gloria Kino Kassel




Pictures-Magazin 09/2019 (D)

(10-page portfolio gallery + cover)



Vintage Flaneur No. 31 (D)

(19-page fashion editorial)



Vintage Flaneur No. 25 (D)

(20-page fashion editorial)



Séparée No. 19 (D)

(10-page photo gallery "Backfee")



Séparée No. 18 (D)

(12-page photo gallery "Whiskey Blues")



(Séparée No. 17 (D)

(14-page photo gallery "Im Cirque du Burlesque")



DAS MAGAZIN 03/2019 (D)

(6-page photo gallery "Pin-Up mit Popcorn")



Pictures-Magazin 06/2019 (D)

(6-page "Makeover" article)



Pictures-Magazin 10/2018 (D)

(6-page article on the subject of "posing")



Vintage Fashion No. 22 (NL)

(6-page fashion editorial + cover)



Vintage Fashion No. 17 (NL)

(6-page article on the subject of "vintage makeover")



Vintage Flaneur No. 32 (D)

(4-page article: "Facetten der Schönheit: Das Model mit Down Syndrom")



N-Photo 04/2018 (D)

(2-page article about my work as a vintage photographer)



Her Vintage Life No. 91 (UK)

(7-page article "Sailor Pin-Up Fashion")



Picton Sensual No. 36 (USA)

(6-page photo gallery with cover "The Black Series")



Picton Gold No. 164 (USA)

(8-page fashion editorial "The English Rose")



Horizont Magazine No 2-7

(8-page fashion editorial "The Cineasts")


Faddy Magazine (IT)

(8-page fashion editorial "A Touch of 1970")



Bombshell Magazine No. 5 (UK)

(8-page photo gallery)



VintageZine No. 1 (UK)

(6-page photo gallery with interview)



BoudoirZine No. 10 (UK)

(7-page photo gallery with cover)



BoudoirZine No. 8 (UK)

(6-page photo gallery with interview)



Stubborn Magazine No. 28 (USA)

(4-page photo gallery)



Xpressions Magazine (USA)

(4-page photo gallery)



HNA (Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine) 2.2.2019 (D)

Cover and article about my work with Silvana Denker



Rocket Magazine (USA)



Trends & Fun (D)



Fotoforum (D)



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